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WHAT’S IN THE BOX?! #39 – Trystero

Trystero Coffee

Ethiopian Illubabor Barroo

Roasted by Gregory E Thomas

LA Coffee Club is constantly searching for the freshest roasted coffee in Los Angeles for our Coffee of the Month Club. This Summer, we’ve been focusing on introducing you to roasters you may have never heard of & might not have otherwise been able to gain access to.

This month, we are proud to welcome back Trystero Coffee & Gregory E Thomas. We first met Greg way back in January of 2012 after hearing about his Saturday Cafe in Atwater Village that he runs out of his garage. Though, it wasn’t till later that summer that we finally got to share his coffee with the members of LA Coffee Club. When he’s not roasting coffee on his beautiful turquoise blue Diedrich – you might find him organizing small bicycle rides, blasting loud fun music, shooting analog photography, making (and consuming) good beer and camping with friends. An all around awesome dude who makes amazing coffee – enjoy!