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WHAT’S IN THE BOX?! #38 – Open Roast

Open Roast

Single Origin Ecuador Organic Loja

Jose Maria Salinas

Roasted by Spencer Lattimer

LA Coffee Club is constantly searching for the freshest roasted coffee in Los Angeles for our Coffee of the Month Club.

This Summer, we’ve been focusing on introducing you to roasters you may have never heard of & might not have otherwise been able to gain access to.

Introducing Open Roast & Spencer Lattimer.

Spencer first contacted us in January about his ambitious endeavor to begin roasting coffee – but we knew after tasting his coffee that we had to get some of it to our members – Spencer says, “it took less than a year of roasting at home before I realized i wanted to do more that 1/4lb batches. So we started a small batch roaster.”

It was just that simple.