Make Amazing Coffee Everyday

Single Origin Meets Single Malt




Join LA Coffee Club and Caffe Luxxe for a coffee and whisky tasting seminar, hosted by the owner of Caffe Luxxe, Gary Chau. Gary’s experience spans 20+ years within the drinks industry, ranging from coffee to spirits, where he spent a significant time working with distilleries in Scotland.

Did you know that both coffee and whisky take on the characteristics of the land they come from, which ultimately affects the flavor of what you taste? Both of these drinks are dramatically affected by the soil, water, and general environmental factors. Come learn about the flavor characteristics to look for in both coffee and whisky, and which regions/countries they come from.


– An overview of characteristic flavors and profiles which are distinct to coffees and whiskies from different regions/countries
– Learn how to nose and taste coffee and whisky
– A tasting of 3 single origin coffees and 3 single malt whiskies
– Program will run approx. 1 hour, with a social mixer at Father’s Office (1 block away) afterwards