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Round 4 of the Los Angeles TNT Latte Art Throwdown to be held at Coffee Commissary in Siren Studios Sunset – July 11th



Join us for Round 4 of the Los Angeles TNT Latte Art Throwdown. Baristas can register at the event for only $5 and are competing for a chance to win a trip to San Francisco to compete against the winners of the Bay Area TNT. There are only three more rounds before this season draws to a close. Who will reign supreme?! Come hang out and see some of LA’s best baristas create some truly breath-taking artwork.

WHERE: Coffee Commissary at Siren’s Studio (Corner of Sunset & Gower)

WHEN: Thursday July 11th


6pm – Pre-event “Woah-Man vs Machine” with Brant Curtis and Alex LittleJohn
6:30pm Registration
7pm (ish) THROWDOWN!

We will be having @Flatirontruck so Come Hungry!!!

Featuring the Chemex Manual Coffee Brewer vs the Curtis Gold Cup Brewer


We’re giving you the chance to put the Curtis Gold Cup Brewer, which touts itself as being “the best single cup brewer on the market that brews a perfect cup of coffee, every time” to the test against an expertly certified barista and a Chemex Manual Coffee Brewer. We’ll dive deep into how the state-of-the-art components and revolutionary G4 technology stacks up to manual brewing methods – letting you taste each side by side, and then have your questions answered by the experts in the group.

In one corner we have Brant Curtis – who carries the weight of four generations of coffee brewer manufacturing history with his Gold Cup Brewer. Brant Curtis of The Wilbur Curtis Co., a leading manufacturer of commercial coffee and tea brewing equipment, great grandson of the company’s founder, Wilbur Curtis, who pretty much invented the modern day coffee pot.

In the other corner we have Alexandra Littlejohn – who sits on the Executive Council of the Barista Guild of America and is currently the Southern California Wholesale Account Manager at Verve Coffee Roasters. Alex also hosts a Coffee Podcast called “Coffee Crosstalk” – she’s a great resource for knowledge – make sure to ping her with any burning questions you may have about how she’s going to rock the manual brewing method with a Chemex Coffee Brewer.

Will everyone who comes early get to taste and compare the results?
We will serve coffee brewed by hand and on the machines at the beginning of the talk and then at the end ask which you liked best – it’s not a lecture about brewing, but more the pros and cons of both manual and machine brewing, not theory or taste. You won’t know which is which until the end of the lecture.


What coffee is going to be brewed at the pre-event?
TBA – if we told you what it was, you’d have preconceived notions.. where’s the fun in that?

What is the recipe for each brew method?
Depends on the brew method provided, and the coffee. It will fall in the gold cup standards range though.

How can I find out more info about the equipment being used or inquire about purchasing the machine?

Brant will be there and Verve can provide them wholesale to cafes and restaurants.

What would be the # grind setting on the baratza encore for those who want to try at home?
All grinders are different, which is why we never recommend a grind #, one baratza might it be a 20 another a 17, so we would show a grind sample, but again, it all depends on the coffee, how much, etc.

How can someone become a BGA member / what is the cost / benefit?
Cost is $45 per year, you can sign up online at the BGA website and the benefits are priceless.
Here’s a link where you can read all about it:
Also read the 5 questions article below the “why join” article, we talk a lot about the benefits, not to mention discounted health insurance.

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Check out this video we shot when Brant gave LA Coffee Club a behind the scenes look inside the Curtis factory.

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