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Opening Day @GGETLA aka go get em tiger aka G&B Larchmont


ggetla - now open | go get em tiger | larchmont village

If you’ve been paying attention to anything going on with coffee in LA lately – you already know, or have at least heard your friends talking about this new spot. It used to be a pop-up, and within a year had to pop down only to pop back up in a permanent home within Grand Central Market in Downtown LA – Now you’re telling me they have yet another spot that just opened… today?! I’m still not quite sure what to call it, but one thing I will tell you – is

that I enjoyed it. Very, VERY much.

The latest iteration of this… thing that I speak of is in the quaint and friendly shopping district known as Larchmont Village in the center of a bustling city. But regardless of what it’s called – we think you should add it to the top of your list of “new coffee shops in LA to check out“. The folks behind the walk-up, knotty ash bar that greet you really do care about your experience and have put a lot of thought into making sure you walk away smiling… and hopefully – well caffeinated. We sure did! go go go get em tiger!

ggetla - walk up bar | espresso | filter drip | go get em tiger | larchmont village

Walk up to the bar, and that’s your spot. No need to shuffle through a que – nice touch.

ggetla - chalkboard menu | motorcycle | graphic | go get em tiger | larchmont village
What’s on the menu today? Take a look at the chalkboard style wall with an illustrated graphic of a motorcycle.

ggetla - 49th Parallel | Heart Roasters | Ritual Coffee | g&b | glanville | babinski  | go get em tiger | larchmont village
Wall to wall coffee from 49th Parallel, Heart Roasters & Ritual Coffee

ggetla - one and one | 1&1 | espresso chaser | sidecar | coffee | go get em tiger | larchmont village
And so we began ordering – first: a 1 & 1 – someone asked, is that an espresso chaser?!

ggetla - get a fresh POV | la coffee club | astronaut wall graphic | go get em tiger | larchmont village
See something you like? Make sure to stop in and get a taste! Step up to the bar and enjoy one or two or five drinks. Float into space. Ride a motorcycle. Step out of your comfort zone and into go get em tiger.

see more on instagram 49th Parallel Heart Roasters & Ritual Coffee – all available at ggetla by g&b coffee

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