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Questions about LA Coffee Club?

What is LA Coffee Club?

Fresh Roasted Coffee Straight Outta Los Angeles, delivered anywhere in the US! LA Coffee Club has one simple mission: Expose YOU to Fresh, Locally Roasted Coffee. We bring our members a variety of selections of Los Angeles’ finest, freshest roasted coffee. Unlike other coffee of the month clubs, our focus is on LOCAL ROASTERS. There are dozens of great local roasters hidden around Los Angeles that we would like to uncover and introduce to you. Why not join our club and let us change the way you feel about Los Angeles & Coffee

Who can join LA Coffee Club?

Anyone in the United States can become a member! LA Coffee Club is perfect for coffee lovers looking to try something different or those new to specialty coffee and not sure where to start… LA Coffee Club delivers a fresh bag of hand-selected coffee straight from Los Angeles to your doorstep, every week or every month. You’ll discover new coffees sourced from around the world by Los Angeles Artistan Coffee Roasters, and learn about coffee culture with every bag.

How does LA Coffee Club work?

First and foremost, LA Coffee Club supports our local coffee roasters. They are the true craftsmen of this industry. It is their hard work and dedication to the bean that results in some of the best coffee on earth. We comb the city and choose a range of local roasters to feature one of their freshest roasts. We consult closely with each of our roasters to design a roast that will please your palate. Within days of being roasted  – your beans are delivered directly to your door, where you can choose to grind & prepare them however you’d like.

Why is LA Coffee Club currently a membership / subscription service only?

Since the best coffee in the world is usually made in the smallest quantities, we limit the size of our membership. Many of the roasters we work with produce small batches in limited quantities. Roasting in micro-lots allows our roasters to have much more control over what regions & farms to choose to purchase green coffees from. We fully dive into the creation of coffees that create truly unique experiences. Combining creativity, passion, gumption and knowledge, we hope to offer you some amazing coffee.

How do I join?

We offer a variety of choices for membership. Visit the Shop page for information on what type of subscriptions are available.

Where is the Coffee Roasted?

All coffees are exclusively roasted in Los Angeles, California.
Click here for a list of featured roasters in Los Angeles

What about freshness?

All Coffee is Roasted to Order. We work closely with our roasters & shipping partners to make certain your coffee arrives within days of being roasted. Expect your LA Coffee Club selections to ship towards the end of every week.

Why do you only offer whole bean coffee?

Once your coffee is roasted, within hours, the gases which contain all of the awesome flavors of the bean begin to escape. Nothing speeds up this rapid decent towards blandness like pre-ground coffee! In order to keep your coffee as fresh as possible, for as long as possible, make sure to only grind your beans at the last possible moment. If you don’t have a grinder at home, we recommend visiting a local market or grocery store – many times they have the nice, commercial grade grinders there – available to use free of charge!

Can I order my beans pre-ground?

Do you like your coffee to taste good when you decide to enjoy it? See above…

How much does shipping cost?

For subscribers to our Coffee of the Month Club, shipping is free. We will ship your Coffee of the Month selections via a standard First Class method via USPS. We work closely with our roasters to ensure that coffee is roasted fresh to order and shipped at the last possible moment required to prepare your selection. You can be confident that you’re always receiving a fresh product.

Have more questions?

We are happy to help answer any questions you might have. We are available 24/7 via email or Instagram @LACoffeeClub.


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