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Columbia El Meridiano

Roasted by Eric Sisley on October 24th in Los Angeles

Eric Sisley | LAMill Coffee Roasters

When it comes to roasting, the guys at LAMill Coffee in Alhambra are not just experts – they are zealots, obsessed with crafting the finest coffees in the world. They have no interest in catering to the masses and are solely focused on the bronzed bean.

We got a chance to meet Eric Sisley, the roaster at LAMill and his roasting apprentice, “Puffy” who is training on a Probat G60. Eric walked us through the different phases and intricacies that go into every batch of coffee they produce and introduced our club to a wonderful selection of freshly roasted beans from Columbia called El Meridiano.

LAMill Fresh Roasted Whole Bean Coffee

LAMill is Roaster, Coffee Boutique and Restaurant
1112 Westminster Ave, Alhambra, Ca 91803


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