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I AM BOEY – Creativity on Your Cup from Malaysia

When it comes to matches made in heaven – Illustration and Coffee might just be one of our favorites here at LA Coffee Club.

Introducing Cheeming Boey – aka IAMBoey who has been documenting his journey through coffee with an ongoing series of insanely detailed sharpie illustrations on paper and foam coffee cups.

Some of our favorites include:


Heisenberg : Breaking Bad


"i am the one who knocks"

I am the one who Knocks : Breaking Bad

[space=”20″] harder faster (6)

harder faster (1)

Harder Faster : Daft Punk

[space=”20″] fedor emelianenko (6)
fedor emelianenko (2)

Fedor Emelianenko


ramen house (2)
ramen house

ramen house (1)

Ramen House


as you wish: process

I AM BOEY – Process


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