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Handsome Coffee Roasters Coffee of the Month: JANUARY

COFFEE OF THE MONTH – JANUARY 2012: Handsome Coffee Roasters

Michael Phillips

Founder of Handsome Coffee Roasters & World Barista Champion

Michael Phillips introduces the LA Coffee Club’s January Coffee of The Month selection… This coffee from Handsome Roasters, San Sebastian, originates from the Municipality of La Plata, Department of Huila, Colombia – this Caturra varietal gives tastes of Graham, brown sugar, honey, clementine, with a hint of floral.

We will make amazing coffee the way we think it should be made. Full stop.
Our way may not be for everyone, and that’s okay: we’re not making coffee for everyone…we’re making coffee for you. For those who value craftsmanship and quality over convenience and cost – we’re your huckleberry.

At Handsome, hospitality isn’t a commitment, it’s a core value. It’s not something we strive for, it is something ingrained into our genes that we couldn’t avoid if we tried.
We believe that great coffee should be simple, accessible, and amazing. The story wasn’t written just for the insiders. Accessibility doesn’t mean dumbing down coffee by offering too many options, selling out-of-season coffees or roasting darker than we prefer simply because there is demand for it. We’re kicking the stool out from under the pretension that makes enjoying specialty coffee difficult. Our menu is clear, concise and limited to excellence.

We are three world-class professionals focused on one thing. Coffee is pretty much it for us. We believe in what we source, what we roast, and what we prepare. This means we might not have as many options in our coffee bar as you find in a lot of other places, but the ones we have are stellar.

We’re going to make great coffee and be nice to you, and we promise: You’re going to love it.

Coffee of the Month: Handsome Coffee Roasters – San Sebastian

Roasted on January 22nd, 2012 &amp so good it’s got its own Twitter account: @HCR_Sebastian

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Construction is nearing completion and should be wrapped up for an opening scheduled for February

Michael Phillips gives a tour of his new roasting facility in downtown los angeles

Each one of these tiles was hand placed and are made completely of wood.

The Wood Wall @ Handsome Roaster’s new HQ

All these trophies mean this is damn fine coffee.

Anxiously awaiting while our coffee brews.

He made it this look easy, practice and you’ll get there!

I love the Handsome Branding, and I really want one of these with the logo on it.


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