Make Amazing Coffee Everyday

Fresh, Locally Roasted Coffee

Next time you brew a cup of coffee, ask yourself…

Was your coffee locally roasted?

Can you visit the place the beans are roasted and meet the person who hand roasts each batch?

Recently at Culver City Co-Working hot spot, NextSpace, we partook in the glorious birth of the LA Coffee Club, who’s sole mission is to expose you to fresh, locally roasted coffee!

Month after month, the club has continued growing and we think’s you’ll be more than excited for what’s in store for 2012.
We’ve partnered with over a dozen local roasters and are excited to launch a Coffee of the Month Club featuring Los Angeles Roasters!

Every Month in 2012, we’ll pick two local coffee roasters & send you each one bag of their FRESHEST ROAST!

That’s TWO 12oz bags of Fresh, Locally Roasted Coffee delivered to your door each month from a variety of LA roasters!

For a complete list of Los Angeles Coffee Roasters visit our Local Roasters List

NOW WAIT ONE SECOND…. How About The Perks?!

Ultimate Savings: Members Only Deals & Discounts on Home Coffee Brewing Equipment ( Hario V60, Chemex, Aeropress, Grinders etc )
Expand Your Horizons: Discover A Fresh, New Local Coffee Roaster Every Month
Enter The “Snob-Free-Zone”: Improve Your Brewing Technique with others who are Passionate About Coffee

OK, you had me at COFFEE – How do I become a member?

EASY! – It takes only a few minutes to become a member here
The cost is only $30 per month & shipping is free!

I’ve Had Too Much Coffee Today, I need more bullet points & links!!!

Get the Simple Facts on Coffee: Coffee 101
RSVP to the FEB 2nd MeetUp:
Watch &amp Learn Brewing Methods:


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