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First Time Roaster

First Time Roaster…Long Time Coffee Drinker

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OK the truth is I bought the green beans by mistake… Amazon… Coffee Bean Direct… 5 lb bags

I thought “green” meant they were produced without pesticides… silly me.

I opened the bag and thought “they’re spoiled”… not really. :o)
So not wanting
to return the 5lb bag I immediately thought I’ll roast myself and went to Google.

There is a wealth of info on roasting your own beans

The problem is there is little agreement on the method except that “it’s easy”.

Here are my steps:

1. Gas Oven at 500. Preheat.

2. Large baking pan with sides…ventilate the room..have fan nearby and open any windows.

3. Shake enough beans to cover the bottom of the pan… don’t stack beans.

4. Place in oven for between 5-7 minutes… when you will hear a soft cracking noise… with a window oven you will see beans jumping (not like Mexican beans).

5. At this point you can take pan out and stir with wood spoon moving side beans to center and vice versa to ensure a somewhat even roast. You can do this 2-3 times during process.

6. Now you watch the color… they will turn from caramel color to darker and depending on your taste this is the tricky part.
The smell is not like coffee… but not bad. I had some of beans I like sitting there to compare color. This is the smokey time.

7. When desired color is achieved remove from oven and pour into colander in sink. Shake continually during which time
the skin will shed these flimsy little pieces. You must cool as fast as possible to stop roasting. When cool to touch
put in container but do not seal as the beans rest. Wait 12-24 hours to use. You will notice the wonderful smell quickly.

That’s it. Try it… Enjoy.

They will last approximately 7 days at peak


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