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The Conservatory for Coffee

The Conservatory for Coffee & Tea

Wesley | Roaster at the Conservatory for Coffee & Tea

Single Origin: Kenya Kaimbu
Espresso: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Konga & Brazil Mogiana Nossa Senhora

Roasted by Wesley Scott Parker on 11/20
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We are so excited to share another selection of beans from the Conservatory for Coffee. Thankfully, they were willing & ready to help us out when we found out the roaster scheduled for this shipment (who will remain nameless) tried to give us stale beans that had been roasted over a month ago, BLECH! We know how important fresh beans are to you and would not stand for that!

Espresso + Single Origin Coffee from The Conservatory for Coffee

We like to keep things fresh, so here’s something new:

Variety is the spice of life! We’re giving you the chance to sample two different coffees from the same roaster: A Single Origin from Kenya for drip coffee + an Ethiopian & Brazillian blend for Espresso. You are encouraged to switch it up though, share your experience with different brewing devices on Twitter or Instagram.

You may remember we featured AJ from the Conservatory back in April. We owe a lot to AJ – in fact, his beans were on tap in the office building LA Coffee Club started at. Never before had we witnessed such outrage when that bean supply went dry. The people demanded FRESH & LOCALLY ROASTED COFFEE. At the time, we didn’t know the first thing about where to find good coffee and thus began our quest “down the rabbit hole”. We were inspired to learn more about the local roaster movement and began researching more ways to access fresh beans, sharing every bit of knowledge along the way. AJ was there to guide us. One thing we appreciate about AJ is his willingness to collaborate, supportting other local roasters by sharing resources and his vast knowledge and experience sourcing & roasting quality coffee beans. AJ’s latest apprentice is Wesley Scott Parker, who first began roasting in 2010 at Paper Tiger in Washington and once tried to establish a roasting presence in the Republic of Congo before being forced out by rebels and the tumultuous political scene. Headed south for the winter, traveling from Oregon working in sustainable communities, Wesley found himself in Santa Barbara – flat broke – looking for a way to make some quick cash. He discovered a job opening in LA working as a preschool teacher found and a friend’s couch to crash on. On the way to his first day of work, he totaled his car / mobile house and came to the conclusion that he was meant to stay put. Two years later, he’s still in here Los Angeles – dedicating himself to the craftsmanship of coffee, riding his bike to pick up shifts at various coffee shops in hopes of one day owning his own roaster & being able travel to origin and source coffee.

Make sure to stop by the Conservatory in Culver City to say hello to Wesley, AJ & the rest of the friendly staff! After getting your sip on, you can also marvel at the 90 foot tall permanent rainbow that stretches across the SONY Studios lot across the street or watch as Wes or AJ roasts in the front of the cafe.

The Conservatory for Coffee is a Coffee Shop and Roaster
10117 Washington Boulevard Culver City, CA 90232
(310) 558-0436

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Shop Hours:
Monday – Saturday: 7am to 6pm
(Closed Sundays)

On the web:
On Twitter: @theConservatory


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