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Introducing COFFEEGRAPH: December 1st - 21st

Think Tank Gallery and LA Coffee Club present a feast for the senses with an event series that embraces Downtown’s accelerating craft coffee culture. Showcasing the art of Avi Roth, a unique abstract expressionist that creates entirely from the textures of coffee, Think Tank Gallery incorporates his unique Coffeegraph technique into its massive space, transformed into a fully-sculptured coffee bar, hosting LA’s most exciting names in coffee from Dec 1 – 21.

LA Coffee Club and select partners invite the community for a series of events ranging from coffee table conversations and workshops, to live music and performance art with the goal of sparking creative discussion over a cup of craft coffee.

Our Gracious Community Sponsors

LA Coffee Club and Think Tank Gallery will bring together craft roasters and endless events to create a social environment fit for enjoying the best of both worlds.

Check in daily to see what coffee and events are brewing each day.

Endless Events + Bottomless Coffee $20 – Presale – Limited Supply
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The Coffee Pass is your ticket to unlimited craft roast coffee and nightly events.


Live music, workshops, and discussion panels are just a few of the many Coffeegraph events that will be held nightly. The first 50 Coffee Pass holders get into any Coffeegraph paid event for free any night of the week (first come, first serve).

All You Can Drink Coffee

Your coffee pass gives you access to our coffee bar installation which will be serving bottomless cups of coffee from local LA craft roasters.


Think Tank resident carpenter and metalsmith Garret Kovacs has teamed up with Avi Roth to produce a gallery-wide sculpture that functions as a pop-up coffee bar installation. With pieces inspired directly by Avi’s works, and coffee-stained & branded, the repurposed wood & steel matches the rustic but hip feel of contemporary coffee – right at home in the Think Tank.

Garret & The Think Tank have also teamed up with renowned carpenter Brandon Muñoz to outfit the gallery with high-end, furniture built of repurposed materials. The artists have envisioned an immersive coffee bar spectacle that incorporates creativity as much as it does function – so that your brand can be well-represented.

Endless Events + Bottomless Coffee $20 – Presale – Limited Supply
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Think Tank Gallery is a 13,500 square foot warehouse in the historic Santee Alley Shopping District with over 7,000 square feet of pristine public gallery space. The venue is utilized for a variety of purposes, from music performances with such artists as Binary Star & WOLF+LAMB to fine art lectures & workshops. Hidden away in the Think Tank’s massive, 12-ft tall space are many places, like the Think Tank Diner, utilized creatively in Coffeegraph.

Endless Events + Bottomless Coffee $20 – Presale – Limited Supply
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– Coffeegraphs by Avi Roth
– Coffee Bar Sculpture installation by Garrett Kovacs with Brandon “Monk” Muñoz


– Dead Meadow ( record release show )
– Corvidae ( sound installation )
– Blac Jesus & The Experimentalists ( opening afterparty )
– Conundrum ( opening afterparty )

Fact Sheet:

Avi Roth – Coffeegraph is an art exhibit that explore the ancient social tool of one of the most traded commodities on earth. This three week event captures all of the senses of Think Tank Gallery’s wide audience with a massive pop-up coffee bar sculpture with baristas complementing a gallery of works made from organic coffee grinds. From roasting, to brewing, to Avi’s innovative Coffeegraph technique, the artisan drinks brewed inside of our installation will inspire the hundred of thousands of daily Santee Shopping District shoppers and Think Tank enthusiasts to experience art they can taste, smell, and see, thanks to immersive collaboration with LA Coffee Club.


Opening Night / After Party:
Sunday, December 1st, 2013: 4pm – 12am

Sunday, December 1st – 21st

Second Thursday Artwalk After Party
December 12th


939 Maple Ave, Second Floor
Downtown Los Angeles, CA

Historic Santee Alley in Fashion District


Installed into a sculpture of repurposed wood & steel, serving fresh, locally roasted coffee — all inside of a 7,500 sq ft gallery exhibiting unique, abstract expressionist paintings made out of our favorite fuel: coffee.


LA Coffee Club, Think Tank Gallery & Avi Roth promote the social backdrop to encourage togetherness, making both important. Coffee enforces this innate social urge and inspires creativity.

Endless Events + Bottomless Coffee $20 – Presale – Limited Supply
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