Make Amazing Coffee Everyday

Coffee Flights

The concept is simple:

A coffee flight consists of a small group of sample sized, freshly roasted coffee selections that aim to connect you with a story or point of view. It’s a fun way to develop your pallet & discover new things about coffee.

How it works: Earn Your Wings

Choose from our collection of seasonally available coffee tasting boxes or chart your own course & we’ll ship your selections directly to your door.


Everything You Need to Get Started: Just Add Water

Each flight comes complete with all the tools needed to brew & enjoy amazing coffee. Samples come packed with their own filter – so there’s no need for an expensive grinder or coffee maker, easy!


Enjoy sample sized servings of each back to back, to brew at home or on the go with our ultra-portable & innovate filter + dripper combo.


Imagine if a winged nyan-can and a loose leaf tea bag spawned a coffee offspring.


Just rip it open, sling those wings over any cup, and drip hot water over the precisely ground coffee bed, and boom – you’ve just made yourself a cup of amazing coffee.


A flight can follow many different themes & serve many different purposes.

Elevate your coffee education & develop your pallet.

We advise enlisting the aide of a navigator or two who are willing to assist you in drinking copious amounts of coffee.

Chart a Course

Spin The Wheel

Don’t know what coffee you’re truly in the mood for? A flight of coffee is a great way for you to kiss a lot of frogs and quickly find your prince. Think of it as speed dating with coffee. Play the field, and if you fall in love, great – commit to a full bag or a weekly subscription. If not, make a call to one of your reliable favorites and leave falling in love for another time.


Take the sampler platter approach if you find yourself in a situation where you’re craving some things that you haven’t tried before. You can cover a lot of ground – so treat yourself to a smattering of our best brews. Just pick what peaks your interest and we’ll ship it straight to your door. It’s like finding a genie in a bottle!

Roaster’s Choice

If you get the chance to visit a local roaster, they might offer up a public cupping of their latest roasts for you to try. Whatever the case, drinking a flight of coffee from a single roaster is a great way to discover who’s worth looking out for in the future.

Master’s Class

Tasting multiple coffees of the same style back-to-back can open your eyes to the nuances of each offering, as well as discovering new things about your own preferences, making it easier to find new coffee you’ll probably like, just by reading their description.

Let us take you to flight school

Learn more about coffee – on your own or with your friends!

All you need is:

  • A tasting box with a set of coffee selections
  • A few friends to share with
  • A set of identical small sized cups


And in the words of T-Pain

Just forget everything that you know
I got a place that only I can go
Oooh let me take you to flight school
We’ll learn to fly
Above all the lights
You’ve never been so high kiss the ground goodbye
And you say damn baby how did you get that fly