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Coffee Myth Busting at Barista Nation Los Angeles

LA Coffee Club brings you the best of Barista Nation Los Angeles 2013, held at Curtis Coffee on September 29th.

It was a jam-packed day full of our favorite 3 “C-Words” – Coffee, Community and of course a little bit of friendly Competition – with a head to head latte art throw-down as well as some barista basketball.

“..I think the best coffee bars will take those new ideas and at least try them.. . and a lot of other coffee bars will get swept up in a frenzy and adopt stuff and not really know why. If you find yourself way down a path, doing stuff you don’t really understand – you need to go back and with a really earnest approach and challenge what you’re doing.”

– Kyle Glanville: 2008 US Barista Champion & G&B Coffee Co-Founder

Watch The 2013 Barista Nation LA Re-Cap Video

LA has this really incredible ability to draw people from all over the world... It’s got all of the dog-eat-dog, gotta work hard, gotta be creative, gotta be on your hustle stuff that a place like New York does – but there’s so much more room to grow… Its such a fascinating collection of people – and its just a really creative place.”

– Jordan Michelman: Co-Founder & Editor

“These events are all about sharing information and bringing people from different companies together to share their perspectives and experiences – so that everybody can learn from that…. In LA you have a lot of creative people who like to see the world differently – and a lot of people who are obviously hungry for community.”

– Kenneth R Olson: Barista Magazine Publisher & Co-Founder

What is Barista Nation?
Barista Nation is to build the coffee community.

Who is Barista Nation for?
Barista Nation is for baristas, coffee roasters, cafe retailers, coffee enthusiasts.

What should I expect to happen at Barista Nation?
The goal is to get us all to come together in open forum to talk about coffee!

Where does Barista Nation take place?
Barista Nations has been all over the world! This is our 2nd year doing Barista Nation in Los Angeles – it has also been to San Francisco, Tokyo, Paris, Seattle, Minneapolis.