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Barista Birthdays – Jack Benchakul

Jack Benchakul Toasted Marshmallow at Demitasse in Santa Monica CA

Happy Birthday to our friend & Barista Jack Benchakul.

When he’s not playing with a benzomatic butane torch – you might find Jack behind bar in Santa Monica or Downtown LA at Cafe Demitasse – Above, Jack is firing up a toasted marshmallow – the final topping for a special “hot” chocolate. You must see and taste this to believe it.

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[video_embed][/video_embed] [space=”20″]Barista Jack Benchakul at Cafe Demitasse in Santa Monica CA
[space=”20″]You can always count on Jack to deliver great coffee and a charming smile.
[space=”20″]Latte Art by Andy Kwon & Jack Bechakul Cafe Demitasse Santa Monica California
[space=”20″]Latte Art by Jack ( left ) & Andy Kwon ( right )


Want to See Jack on Bar? Visit the new Cafe Demitasse in Santa Monica

Cafe Demitasse in Santa Monica CA

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