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Barista Birthdays – Alan Gomez

Barista - Alan Gomez - 7

Happy Birthday to our friend & Barista Alan Gomez. Alan is 26 today.

You may have had the pleasure of seeing Alan at Handsome Coffee Roasters in Downtown LA or at Portola Coffee Lab in Costa Mesa – though today – you can head over to Cognoscenti Coffee in Culver City and celebrate this momentous occasion over an expertly prepared espresso.

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[video_embed][/video_embed] [space=”20″]Barista - Alan Gomez - 5
[space=”20″]We spent the day discussing coffee fundamentals – palette development, proper dosing ratios & manual brewing pour-over techniques. 
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[space=”20″]At one point, we talked about how a good barista should be able to see when a shot is done extracting by it’s color, also known as “Blonding”.
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[space=”20″]But manual drip cones are what I’m most curious about lately – so Alan busted out the Kalita Wave and began a demonstration.
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Stay tuned for a full-breakdown side to side comparison of manual drip cones – coming soon.