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Augie’s Coffee Roasters Coffee of the Month: February

COFFEE OF THE MONTH – FEBRUARY 2012: Augie’s Coffee Roasters

In this video of Austin introduces the Rwanda Coko Co-Op which is one of February’s Coffee of the Month selections. We also learn how to spot the difference between natural and washed coffee beans.

Austin of Augie’s Coffee Roasters (Redlands, CA)

Notice his flowing beard? Augies is the answer.. to beautiful beards and even more beautiful cups of coffee.

Coffee of the Month: Augie’s Coffee Roasters – Rwanda Coko Co-Op

Roasted on February 21st, 2012 Sweet, Citrus, Floral, Clove, Vanilla

  • Region – Kayanza
  • Elevation – 1800-2,100 M
  • Process – Washed

Coko is a small cooperative who gladly understand that there is no sense to grow bigger if their level of quality drops.They are using a Colombian machine-washer rather than traditional fermentation and getting great results in terms of cup quality. This processing allowed them to start an independent cooperative on a site with little water resources, as a traditional fermentation mill would require.

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