Make Amazing Coffee Everyday

Adam Goes on an EPIC Coffee Crawl in Downtown LA

The Shops:

  1. Blue Bottle Los Angeles
  2. Demitasse Little Tokyo
  3. Coffee Colab
  4. ELABrew DTLA – Soft Opening 7/18
  5. The Classic Coffee
  6. G&B Grand Central Market

The Drinks:

  1. Dandy Gibraltar – Blue Bottle
  2. Three Africans – Blue Bottle
  3. Yirgacheffe Gelena Abaya – Blue Bottle
  4. New Orleans Iced – Blue Bottle
  5. Sparkling Sour Cherry Iced Black Tea – Demitasse
  6. Espresso – Intelligentsia Black Cat
  7. Macchiato – Intelligentsia Black Cat
  8. Golden Needles Sparkling Tea – G&B
  9. Fermented Ginger Beer – G&B

Many thanks to the Barista & Shops that we met along the way: Selina, Erik, Riley, Britney, Kingston & Tony & Michael Frank, Matthew, Gatlin & Bobby Franky, Leo & Sonny Joerael, Amanda & Joy Ian & Brandon Brent, Keaton, Kyle & Charles

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