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“L.A. is in the middle of a coffee renaissance,said Peter Giuliano, Senior Director of the Specialty Coffee Association of America. “Right now, it’s a really exciting time. Coffee shops are popping up in Culver City and Venice that are some of the most extraordinary coffee shops in the world.”

Our Map of the L.A. Coffee Community includes over 100 “verified fresh” shops & roasters. Use it whenever you find yourself in uncharted territory.

Coffee Party People

We’ve got a slew of barista champions, coffee pop-ups at Coachella, American Apparel & TOMs, along with a sprawling landscape that is just begging to be crawled – L.A. has even been declared“the most exciting specialty coffee city in the world.”

Keep up with the latest by following @LACoffeeClub as we take to the streets in search of coffee & hi-fives. Meet the friendly folks we come across on our adventures & stay connected to your community!

A Fresh Point of View

While taste is subjective and has numerous factors attached to it, we focus on freshness and how it creates a better coffee experience.

In a city as diverse as Los Angeles, getting a group of coffee lovers to agree on anything can be as difficult as herding cats! One thing that’s hard to argue with is that coffee tastes better if it’s fresh.

Join our Club & you’ll always have fresh beans.

Adam @ TEDxUSCAdam @ TEDxUSC - photo by Rios Enriquez

LA Coffee Club is much more than a coffee of the month club.

Founded in 2011 by Adam Scott Paul and Antone Hall after the two best friends realized they had never tried coffee. Diving head-first down the rabbit hole, the duo set out to introduce a wider audience to local roasters.

Connecting LA’s Coffee Community with a fresh coffee delivery service, maps of the coffee community + events for coffee enthusiasts & pros.


Antone @ TEDxUSC Antone @ TEDxUSC - photo by Rios Enriquez


Coffee of the Month

Free Home Delivery

Our fresh coffee subscription service enables anyone to make amazing coffee everyday, supplying you with a variety of freshly roasted coffee selections – conveniently delivered straight to your door.

  • 12oz Bag in each Box
  • Roasted in Los Angeles
  • Whole Bean Specialty Coffee
  • Discover Dozens of Roasters
  • Guaranteed Fresh
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